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Bruce Cameron

Director, MIT System Architecture Group


Research Interests:

Autonomous Vehicles, Industry Platforms

Bruce Cameron is the Director of the System Architecture Group at MIT. His research interests include technology strategy, system architecture, and the adoption of industry platforms. His current research projects include examination of switching costs and retention incentives in ride hailing firms, fleet management implications of increased autonomy level in commercial trucking, architectural decisions in commercial aircraft as a predictor of changes in the dominant design, and implications of single pilot operations in commercial aircraft.
Dr. Cameron has directed research projects for Amazon, Chevron, Sikorsky, Nokia, Caterpillar, and NASA. Dr. Cameron is the Faculty Director for MIT’s Architecture and System Engineering online certificate, which has taught over 9000 participants. Dr. Cameron’s teaching in Sloan Executive Education was tied for the highest rated Executive Education program at MIT for several years.
Dr. Cameron is a co-founder of Technology Strategy Partners, and has been a board member at 10 early stage firms across consumer and online platforms. He is a past board member of the University of Toronto.

Research Clusters:


Google Scholar:


Emerging Mobility, Vehicles and Energy, Air Transportation

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