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Mobility Ventures:

Driving Innovation in Transportation Systems

Course Number: 11.029/11.529

Time: Monday and Wednesday 11:30 am - 1pm

Units: 3-3-6, Fall 2020

Targeted Students: Graduate and Undergraduate (Years 3 and 4)

Format: Online

Instructors: Jinhua Zhao, John MoavenzadehBill AuletWill Sanchez

TA: Annie Hudson (

Prerequisite: Student should submit a one-page statement of interest plus CV


This course is designed for students who aspire to shape the future of mobility. The course explores technological, behavioral, policy and systems-wide frameworks for innovation in transportation systems, complemented with case studies across the mobility spectrum, from autonomous vehicles to urban air mobility to last-mile sidewalk robots. Students will interact with a series of guest lecturers from CEOs and other business and government executives who are actively reshaping the future of mobility. Interdisciplinary teams of 5 students will work to deliver business plans for startups or action plans for solving “real world” challenges in established companies, governments or NGOs.



Jinhua Zhao

Associate Professor, Director of MIT Mobility Initiative

John Moavenzadeh.jpeg

John Moavenzadeh

Future of Mobility Advisor Venture Partner



Bill Aulet

Professor, Sloan School

Managing Director,

Martin Trust Center, MIT


Will Sanchez

Entrepreneur in Residence, Martin Trust Center, MIT

Entrepreneur dialog.jpg

The course includes an entrepreneur dialog section which aims to:

  • Enable conversations between entrepreneurs, MIT faculty and students. 

  • Explore issues where technology, modes and business intersect

  • Inspire students with entrepreneurship stories of the industrial leaders

  • Involve students in real world problems and identify practical solutions

  • Promote a comprehensive understanding of mobility system

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