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Dan and Eva Roos Thesis Prize

Dan and Eva Roos Thesis Prize (2021-2023 Call)

The MIT Mobility Initiative is soliciting nominations for the 2023 Dan and Eva Roos Thesis Prize to be awarded to the outstanding MIT PhD dissertation in the field of transportation. Doctoral dissertations meeting the following criteria are eligible for consideration:

  • The dissertation should have been completed and submitted as part of the degree lists from September 2021-June 2023.

  • The dissertation is in the area of transportation and mobility, broadly defined. It can be submitted to any department or PhD-granting program at MIT, and can address any aspect of transportation systems (e.g., research related to any mode of transport; passenger or freight transportation; theoretical or applied problems; technological, economic, planning or policy analysis; etc.)


The award is hosted by MIT’s Mobility Initiative (MMI). The complexity of today’s mobility system calls for multiple levels of coordination and collaboration to overcome and shape the system’s pending challenges over both the short and long terms. Mobility and transportation are in the midst of profound transformation with an unprecedented combination of new technologies (autonomy, electrification, and AI) meeting new and evolving priorities and objectives (decarbonization, public health, and social justice). The MMI has been founded for that purpose: to convene key stakeholders in order to help drive innovation forward while providing strategic guidance to navigate today’s challenges. MMI’s Mission is to accelerate development of a safe, clean, and inclusive mobility system through research, education, entrepreneurship and engagement.

Application Process

Submit the following documents via email to Bhuvan Atluri ( by June 30, 2023:

  1. CV of the student

  2. A pdf copy of the complete dissertation.

  3. An extended abstract (4 to 5 pages) describing the work, its contributions, and the relevance.

  4. A letter of nomination from the dissertation supervisor supporting the submission and highlighting the importance of the research

Prize Selection Committee 2023 

  • Prof. Amedeo Odoni 

  • Prof. Alexandre Jacquillat 

  • Prof. Jinhua Zhao (Chair)



  • Announcement: April 27, 2023

  • Application due: Jun 30, 2023

  • Result announcement: Aug 25, 2023

Awardees are invited to present at the MIT Mobility Forum in Fall 2023

Prizes in the Prior Years


Winner: Dr. Shenhao Wang, Deep Neural Networks for Choice Analysis 


Honorary Mentions:
Dr. Arthur Delarue: Optimizing School Operations 
Dr. Wilko Schwarting: Learning and Control for Interactions in Mixed Human-Robot Environments


Prize Selection Committee:

  • Yossi Sheffi

  • Cindy Barnhart

  • Alexandre Jacquillat

  • Jinhua Zhao (Chair)


Winner: Dr. Gabriel Kreindler 

“Essays on the Economics of Urban Transportation" (Extended Abstract | Full Thesis)​


Prize Selection Committee:

  • Ali Jadbabaie, CEE and IDSS

  • Yossi Sheffi, CTL and CEE 

  • Hamsa Balakrishnan, Co-Chair, AeroAstro

  • Jinhua Zhao, Co-Chair, DUSP

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