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Innovation has existed in the genes of MIT since its very founding. As one of the nation’s first land-grant colleges, the Institute was designed to deliver a practical education—one that emphasizes learning by doing and prioritizes developing solutions to complex (yet invariably compelling) problems.


The Mobility Initiative offers a wide range of coursework connected to innovation and entrepreneurship as well as funds and collaborations to support budding ideas from students and alumni. MIT boasts a large number of transportation-related start-ups—a number that is growing as the field demands and absorbs new ideas and innovations. Below are several organizations at MIT that support entrepreneurship in the field of mobility. Check back in the coming months for more details on MIT-affiliated transportation start-ups and on-going entrepreneurial activities and opportunities at the Institute. 


Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship

The Martin Trust Center supports students with an entrepreneurship curriculum, programming, coaching and mentoring from connections in the  broader entrepreneurial MIT communities.

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MIT DesignX

A unique initiative that involves academic courses, data-informed research, and an entrepreneurship program, DesignX supports innovation that aims to transform cities and the built environment.

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MIT Innovation Initiative

The Innovation Initiative works to combine opportunities for hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship education at MIT, building a dynamic innovation infrastructure across Schools and disciplines. 

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