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Rounaq Basu

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT


Research Interests:

Sustainable Cities, Equity, Transportation and Mobility, Healthy Communities and Active Living, Urban Information, Technology, and Media and Analytics

Rounaq Basu is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. His research interests include sustainable city planning, integrated urban systems, and relationships among mobility access, economic opportunity, and quality of life. He is particularly interested in ways to reduce dependence on private automobiles without forgoing their accessibility benefits in order to facilitate sustainable metropolitan growth as well as transportation equity. His work draws on urban analytics, GIS & spatial modeling, econometrics, and agent-based microsimulations to inform public policies in the mobility, housing, and land use sectors. He has consulted for the World Bank on projects in Latin America seeking to improve public transportation by integrating on-demand mobility services. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Urban Science and Planning and dual Master's degrees in Transportation and City Planning from MIT, and a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay with a concentration in transportation engineering and a minor in economics.

Research Clusters:


Google Scholar:


Urban Planning, Design and Policy, Behavior and Demand Modeling, Networks and Systems, Big Data, Visualization and Media, Emerging Mobility

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