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Matt Edwards

Assistant Group Leader, Surveillance Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Research Interests:

Air Transportation Simulation, Aircraft Collision Avoidance, Unmanned Aircraft

I’m a computational biologist at Verily Life Sciences in Cambridge, MA. Previously I was a graduate student at MIT, where I was a member of the Gifford lab.

I did my undergraduate work at Duke, where I obtained degrees in computer science and mathematics and was fortunate to work with Alex Hartemink. I spent a semester taking classes in Italian at the Università di Bologna. Before graduate school, I spent a bit over a year working on software and algorithms for Ion Torrent (which became Life Technologies, then Thermo Fisher). As an undergraduate, I did internships at Microsoft and Google. I also twice participated in the ACM ICPC World Finals and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), obtaining an “Outstanding” rating once.

Research Clusters:


Google Scholar:


Big Data, Visualization and Media; Automation, Control and Artificial Intelligence; Air Transportation

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